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‘I’ve Been to a Couple Diddy Parties’—Lecrae Shares What He’s Witnessed at Celebrity Gatherings

But as he moving passed the two men, he notice there were “more and more people just going at it,” Lecrae said, adding that he then quickly left.

“I did not know that’s how this went down,” he said. “So was that shocking? Absolutely. Was I forced or coerced into anything? I was not.”

At another celebrity party, Lecrae share that a celebrity tapped him on the shoulder and informed him that he might want to leave the cabana he was in because they were about to close it up and participate in activities in which they knew he didn’t participate.

“There was about three or four big name artists in there. And the whole bunch of ladies start walking in that cabana and a security guard sits in front of door,” Lecrae said. “They didn’t coerce me or ask me to come in.”

Lecrae said that he remembers when actor and comedian Brandon T. Jackson came up to him at that party and warned him that “Satan [will] steal your soul in this industry.”

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“I love your soul and your spirit and I want you to thrive, Lecrae. I don’t want you to get devoured out here,” Lecrae recounted Jackson telling him. Lecrae said, “I just appreciated that.”

“When I felt like something was moving to a level past where my witness or my conscience would be messed with,” Lecrae said, “I’m out of there. It’s not for me.”

​​”I’ve been to tons of these industry events—like tons of them,” Lecrae told his listeners. “If you want to get in trouble you can…But it’s like, is that what you really want to do? You want to get yourself intertwined with the deeds of darkness and Satan and now you got to unwind yourself from all of that?

“Is that really what you desire? Or do you want to be straight and narrow,” he continued, “and go to bed at night with a clear conscience and wake up in the morning and see what God is doing? God is infinitely more powerful, and I rather trust in him than all that nonsense.”