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‘In a Christian Worldview, Every Child Is a Wanted Child,’ Dr. Jeremiah Johnston Declares Ahead of Prestonwood’s CHOSEN Conference

“By embracing the child, Jesus is acting out a parable on what it means to be great. Thus in λαβὼν παιδίον (Greek), ‘taking a child,’ Jesus is defining what he means by being a servant in his saying in verse 35,” Johnston explained. “One who desires to be first must be a servant, and that means service to society’s least powerful and least influential persons, such as children.”

“Jesus’ valuation of children flies in the face of Greco-Roman family ethics and practices that resulted in the casting out or exposure of unwanted children,” he said.

Johnston added, “As abortion is further eliminated in Texas and other states around the country, there will be more needs for Christian families to come alongside birth mothers who choose life but are not in a position to parent their child.”

“We do not want to see these children have to go into an already over-burdened foster care system,” he continued. “So we need families who will be prepared to step in and adopt, to provide a loving family for these children.”

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“As God’s people,” Johnston concluded, “we need to support both the mother and her child in a way that conveys that their lives have value and worth as Christ’s image bearers.”

Prestonwood Senior Pastor Jack Graham said that it is “absolutely critical that Christians hold fast to the mandate of James 1:27 by learning how to care for the most vulnerable among us: children without families.”

“Our prayer,” Graham said, “is that more and more churches will answer the call to make a difference in the lives of these precious children.”