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Feud With Ex-President Leads to Lawsuit, Alleged Threats of Violence at Calvin University

Calvin’s board also claims it gave Boer ample time to defend himself, including setting up a meeting for him to do so, which they say he failed to attend. The board also denounced what it called “vicious personal attacks” against Calvin staff in the complaint filed by the Boers.

That complaint accuses the school’s provost and another senior leader of discrimination and complains the president’s secretary mistreated his wife — who was also an employee of the school. It also alleges that the Boers were criticized for trying to make the school more racially diverse and for doing more outreach in the community.

The board denied those allegations.

“While the Board laments the existence of racism, sexism and other related problems that exist in the world, it is baseless to suggest that any tension arising from efforts of University administrators and staff to ultimately hold Mrs. Boer accountable for spending decisions was in any way related to personal, gender, or racial animus,” the board said in a statement.

Calvin’s board also said that it tried to reach an amicable settlement on the issue of severance but was unable to do so.

The complaint asks for lost wages and bonuses, compensatory damages for mental anguish and emotional distress as well as punitive damages.

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