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Mark Driscoll Kicked Off Stage for Calling Out ‘Strip Club’-Like Performance at Stronger Men’s Conference

“The same thing that’s used in a strip club for women who have the Jezebel spirit to seduce men,” Driscoll said. “In front of that was a man who ripped his shirt off like a woman does in front of a pole at a strip club.” Driscoll’s words were met with applause.

Driscoll continued, “That man then ascended. See, our God is not arrogant. He doesn’t ascend our God is humble; he descends.”

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Driscoll was referencing the conference’s opening act, which featured two-time Guinness World Record holder, sword-swallower, and “America’s Got Talent: The Champions” alum Alexandr Magala.

According to a 2016 article published by Daily Mail, when Magala wasn’t performing his death-defying acts as a contestant on “Britain’s Got Talent,” he was performing as a pole dancer in both female and gay nightclubs. Magala also performed at the opening ceremony of the 2014 Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia.

Images that can be found on Magala’s Facebook page confirm Daily Mail’s report.

In a statement released after his performance at the Stronger Men’s Conference, Magala said that his act was not linked to any “inappropriate entertainment.” Instead, it was “deeply rooted in a historical and cultural tradition that dates back over 1200 years.”

Magala also stated that he is a Christian and that his sword-swallowing mentor, Dan Meyer, attends Driscoll’s church.

In videos of his conference performance posted on social media, Magala, an “experienced” pole dancer, can be seen ripping off his shirt, swinging on a high vertical dancing pole, and licking a sword before swallowing it. He then climbs up the pole before turning upside down and sliding down face first with the sword still in his mouth—stopping just before the handle of the sword touches the floor.

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As Driscoll attempted to continue his rebuke, James River Church lead pastor and conference host John Lindell could be heard yelling from the audience, “You’re out of line Mark…you’re done.”

Driscoll then acknowledged Lindell, saying, “Okay, Pastor John, I’ll receive that…thank you.” Driscoll then put his hat back on, gathered his notes, and walked off stage.