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‘Don’t Give a S**t’—Perry Noble Cusses During Sermon While Apparently Plagiarizing From Progressive Christian Tony Campolo

Despite being deemed unfit for ministry by the elders of NewSpring Church, Noble started Second Chance Church in 2018 less than seven miles from where he started NewSpring Church.

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At the time, Clayton King, NewSpring Church’s teaching pastor, addressed why Noble hadn’t been allowed to preach at NewSpring Church since being fired.

“We have been asked why Perry can preach at other churches but not at NewSpring. We cannot speak for other churches and how they make decisions,” he said. “For us, Perry currently does not meet the biblical qualifications of a pastor, teacher, shepherd.”

In December 2023, Noble announced that Second Chance Church would be launching a satellite campus in Greenville, South Carolina, while celebrating 81 baptisms and a record breaking 2,858 in attendance.

Noble Addressed His Swearing in the Past

Noble has been known to using curse words in the past and defended his use of such words in a 2018 blog post.

“Let me begin by saying that well over 90% of the comments I receive on social media are overwhelmingly positive,” Noble said. “However, a few people have gotten offended at, what they refer to as my use of profanity, in a couple of recent articles.”

“What do I have to say to that?” he added. “Well, s**t!” Noble went on to express that he knows people don’t cuss but who “curse people daily by the way they gossip about them.”

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Noble claimed that the Bible uses curse words, citing Philippians 3:8, 1 Samuel 25:21-22, Ezekiel 16:26, and Ezekiel 23:20 as examples. “Bible translators have done their best to ‘clean things up’ as much as possible so the Bible can be ‘family friendly,’” Noble said.

“Paul said the word ‘s**t’ in the Bible,” he added. “Bet you never heard that one in Sunday school.”

“If my writing (and in the future my preaching) isn’t your cup of tea—then please, unfollow me,” Noble said. “I seriously won’t lose any sleep, because I believe what the world needs is someone who really is willing to be real, who is willing to say exactly how they feel—even if it goes against what people who are heavenly-minded but no earthly good think.”

The disgraced pastor shared that he’s “spent way too long trying to ‘clean it up’ to ensure the Christians masses approved of my message. But not anymore!”

“I want to reach the world for Christ,” he said, “…and I am discovering more and more people want someone who is genuine rather than a whitewashed tomb. That’s it for now—gotta go take a piss!”