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Mark Driscoll Rebuked the ‘Jezebel Spirit’ This Week—But What Is That?

However, others have taken this passage to justify labeling any Christian woman perceived as divisive or rebellious as acting out of a “Jezebel spirit.” It is not unusual for women in evangelical circles to be called a “Jezebel” when they take a position that some find controversial.

Not only is “Jezebel” an entirely negative label among evangelicals but it is also a racist term that has historically been used to characterize Black women as seductive and promiscuous.

According to an article published in the Psychology of Women Quarterly, “One common stereotypical representation of Black women is that of the Jezebel—an alluring and seductive African American woman who is highly sexualized and valued purely for her sexuality.” The authors say, “The Jezebel stereotype was particularly common during slavery.”

Driscoll has spoken and written in the past about the “Jezebel spirit” in sermons and in his writings. Monday he republished a message he had given called, “The Jezebel Spirit Is in American Churches,” and on X he has been promoting a book he wrote on the topic.

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A number of people saw Discroll’s use of the phrase at a men’s conference as a way of shifting blame from men to women

One person questioned the meaning and implications of the phrase. “Okay honestly, if we look at the figure of Jezebel, her sin was buying into idolatry, deceiving others, & harming her fellow [humans] for her own gain,” the user said. “Her downfall was prideful and full of doubling-down. Who really had a ‘Jezebel spirit’ at that conference?”

Author and podcaster Sheila Gregoire exhorted people to stop using the phrase “Jezebel spirit,” which she called a “misogynistic insult,” and noted how common it is for Christian women to be called the term. “I get called it on social media constantly—so does every other abuse advocate I know,” she said. “‘Jezebel spirit’ has no place in modern discourse and perpetuates the abuse of Christian women. And it needs to stop.”