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John Lindell Calls Mark Driscoll To Repent for ‘Trying To Destroy James River Church’ and ‘Sow Disunity’ in the Lindell Family

Lindell said that Driscoll’s refusal to repent, along with his excessive online posting about the spirit of Jezebel over the past several days, had resulted in Magala receiving death threats.

Additionally, Lindell said that the receptionists at James River Church received so many death threats and hateful calls that they unplugged the switchboard. Lindell reported that something similar happened at the headquarters for the Assemblies of God, the denomination of which James River Church is a part. 

“To this point, Mark has done nothing to calm down the vigilante acts of his followers,” Lindell said. Pointing out that he had followed the procedure for church discipline outlined by Jesus in Matthew 18, Lindell said he was now bringing the matter to the church. 

“And if he refuses to listen, even to the church, treat him as you would a pagan or a tax collector,” Lindell said. “That means if he doesn’t listen to the rebuke of tonight, any believers should not have anything to do with Mark Driscoll.”

“In the presence of God and of Jesus Christ, who will judge the living and the dead, and in view of his appearing and his kingdom, Mark we call on you to publicly repent,” Lindell urged. 

Lindell continued, 

We are calling you to publicly repent for refusing to stop the spread of lies regarding Alex Magala, a Christian brother. Mark, we are calling you to publicly repent for sowing disunity in the body of Christ. Mark, we are calling you to publicly repent for covertly trying to divide brothers and making false and slanderous accusations against Brandon Lindell. Mark, we are calling you to publicly repent for trying to create division in the Lindell family, all the while saying you love us. Mark, we are calling you to publicly repent for trying to destroy James River Church through attacking its leadership.

“To those who follow Mark Driscoll Ministries,” Lindell added, “in light of what has been presented, you should reconsider your relationship and support of Mark Driscoll Ministries.”

Lindell also encouraged those who have “passed on” false information about Magala to repent and issue corrections “through the same manner and with the same platforms as you spread the false information.”

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Hours before Lindell’s public rebuke of Driscoll, Driscoll continued his campaign against Jezebel spirits in promotion of his book on the subject. In a social media post, Driscoll said, “I was at a men’s conference last week and, well…something came up. Still would like to share my Elijah talk.” 

The post pointed to a livestream of the message Driscoll intended to give at the Stronger Men’s Conference before his altercation with Lindell.