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Orange Founder Reggie Joiner and CEO Kristen Ivy Resign After ‘Inappropriate Relationship’

Orange Releases Statement About Joiner’s and Ivy’s Resignations

In a statement sent out to Orange’s partners, Joel Manby (board chair) and Jennifer Barnes (board special governance chair) said, “It is with a profound sadness we must share some difficult news: both Reggie Joiner, the founder of Orange, and our CEO Kristen Ivy have voluntarily resigned, effective immediately.”

The statement revealed that Joiner “admitted to past inappropriate adult relationships,” which he said not only violated the company’s policy but also eroded trust within the organization.

During an investigation conducted by Orange’s board, it was discovered that Joiner and Ivy had “a past inappropriate relationship.”

After disclosing the relationship, the board members shared that “Kristen has chosen to resign” and stated that neither Joiner nor Ivy will be a part of the conference next week in Atlanta.

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Mike Clear will assume the role as Orange’s interim president while the board searches for a new CEO.

“While we do not have a definitive timeline for hiring a CEO, we assure you we are committed to moving forward thoughtfully and diligently, keeping in mind what is best for Orange, our partners, and—above all—our mission,” the statement said.

Referencing next week’s conference, the statement continued, “You can still expect a community of leaders, speakers, ministry partners, and people who share unshakable hope in the future and mission of the Church.”

The statement concluded by acknowledging that “this is a lot to take in, but let us remain steadfast in our commitment to our shared mission. Thank you for everything you do, and for your ongoing support and understanding during this transition period.”