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‘It’s Called Go-Go Dancing’—Alex Magala Addresses Accusation He Is a ‘Stripper’; James River Church Says They Didn’t Know

The 34-year-old Magala clarified that he is married and lives with his wife in Moldova. In contrast to previous reports, he said that he has no children.

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“Well, things are a little bit out of hand and watching all this stuff that is going on the internet and all the controversies,” Magala said, “I just wanted to clarify some details [and] to say that I owe no explanation to anyone about my faith in God [or] about what I’m doing [or] about my past.”

Malaga praised James River Church, calling the congregation “amazing people” and saying how much of an “honor” it was to work with the church.

While he addressed his faith in God, Malaga said that “some sources say that I was saved by God around 10 years ago.” That is “not correct” he explained. “I’m an Orthodox Christian.”

“Orthodox Christian means that I get through the ceremony of becoming a Christian as a baby,” Magala added. “So pretty much all my family is an Orthodox Christian and me as well.”


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Magala told ChurchLeaders that in 2011, when he was 21 years old, he won the green card lottery and came to Los Angeles.

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With little money and limited English fluency, Magala started street performing on Hollywood Boulevard after not being able to get a job. Soon, he purchased a $35 sword to incorporate into his act.

After his first performance only brought in $4.50, Magala realized that his street performances would not supply for his financial needs. So he began dancing for money. However, Magala characterized Driscoll’s accusation that he was a stripper as “bizarre.”

“First of all, it’s called go-go dancing,” Magala said. “And it’s a big difference, because what me and my team of dancers were doing—we were performing. Guys were performing in shorts and girls were covered.”

Magala said that all of the dancers he has worked with are “amazing people,” adding that such dancing isn’t “sinful,” although some may see it that way. Magala explained that such dances are performed at events like the Oscars, Olympics, halftime shows, and Cirque du Soleil.