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Steven Furtick’s Easter Outfit Is Still Generating Discussion, Weeks After Resurrection Sunday

One critic joked that too many people were focusing too much on Furtick’s sweater and not enough on his haircut. Trey Ferguson, author of “Theologizin’ Bigger: Homilies on Living Freely and Loving Wholly,” posted, “There’s been a lot made of Steve Furtick’s sweater in this pic. And that makes me uncomfortable. Because we also need to be calling him to account for that haircut.”

Ferguson went on to make several jokes. 

“He got his haircut like he coaches the JV team’s O-Line, but dressed like he made hotdish for em,” he wrote. “He looks like an Unrighteous Gemstone.”

Steve Furtick looks like he goes to a Black barber, but that Black barber was raised by white people,” he added. “Furtick got his haircut like he tryna get invited to the cookout, but he dressed like he hopin it’s a vegan cookout.”

Days later, someone claiming to be Steven Furtick’s barber commented on Ferguson’s Instagram post. Ferguson screengrabbed the comments and and posted them to X. 

“Yes sir, I’m his barber, and I wasn’t raised by white people. My pastor/friend stays fresh, with his clothes and his cut,” wrote Derrick “Fly Ty” Jacobs.

Jacobs went on to comment further, calling Ferguson a “low budget Rick Ross,” a “hood Forest Whitaker in a $6 hoody and a beard that look like a family of black ants crawling up your neck,” and a “low budget Steve Harvey.”

“Yep, I’m the black barber,” Jacobs added, “you don’t want this SMOKE BRO!”

The two went on to spar for several comments. At one point, Ferguson’s mother got involved after Jacobs mentioned her in a comment. She told Jacobs, “You’re almost funny but really, relax and have some fun…Take a deep breath (and use spell check and a grammar checker every once in a while).”

Days later, Jacobs posted a video to Instagram discussing how to respond when “people talk about someone you love.” While he did not specifically reference his interactions with Ferguson, he said, “People think that they can just say any and everything disrespectful and don’t expect the heat to come back at them.” 

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“And somebody like myself has been gifted with this English language to be able to cut you so bad with my words, it’ll make you question your own existence,” Jacobs said. “So if you want to bring the smoke, bring it. But expect it to come back in return.”