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FBI Assisting With Investigation Into Mica Miller’s Death; SC Pastor Tried To ‘Raise Her From the Dead’

“These baseless claims and false reporting have caused immense distress and harm to Pastor Miller and his family and needs to stop immediately,” the attorney said.

According to court documents obtained by NewsNation, Mica shared with her divorce attorney an apology letter Miller sent her after he allegedly posted a topless photo of her online.

“I’m sorry for putting a picture of you on the internet. It was for less than one hour and immediately taken down,” the pastor told her. “I was hurt that you are telling everyone horrible intimate details of my past sin, and I just wanted to try and hurt you. Please forgive me. It was evil of me to do that.”

Just days before her death, Mica told her attorney, “Since the day we became husband and wife, I have been abused in every way I can think of. Emotionally, sexually, spiritually, financially, and physically.”

“He has harassed me physically and electronically with letters, phone calls, emails, and texts, hacking my emails, hacking my personal Facebook, and impersonating me,” she added. She continued:

Using my stolen phone to send texts and emails out to church members pretending to be me, texting friends and family saying that I am sleeping with teenagers from our church, and showing up in person at places around town—to having installed 3 different tracking devices on my vehicle.

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Hours after Mica’s death, the pastor sent Mica’s family a text message, which said, “This is what happens when you try to encourage someone to divorce the person they love and tell them they don’t need medicine and they’re not ill when they are. Good job Francis family.”

In divorce documents obtained by Daily Mail, Alison Miller, Miller’s first wife, claimed that he had an “addiction to prostitution” and that he confessed to having “sexual encounters” with minors at the church.

“Our marriage and my husband’s career were less than stable at the time, because at the time my husband’s affair was discovered, he had previously admitted to both me and our congregation, that he had an addiction to prostitution,” Alison said.

She added, “He had also confessed to me and other staff members of the church that he had sexual encounters with young females from the church, who were under the age of sixteen.”

Allison claimed that after his confession, leaders of the church “demanded” he “seek counseling for sexual addiction,” but he refused, causing “the majority of the church to leave.”