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Dallas Jenkins Gives Streaming Date for ‘The Chosen,’ Season 4, Says Angel Studios Contract Is Terminated

Jenkins then arrived at the essence of the fallout with Angel Studios. “Our contention,” he said, “is that shortly after the agreement, Angel Studios breached our contract on multiple occasions, to the extent that we believed it should be terminated, which would dissolve our relationship with Angel. Angel, of course, disagrees with that assessment.”

In a statement on March 14, Neal Harmon said, “There have been rumors circulating around the delay of Season 4 of The Chosen. Angel Studios has never asked The Chosen not to stream Season 4. Please continue to support The Chosen series so that it can reach a billion viewers worldwide.”

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In the end, the only way to resolve the disagreement was to engage a third-party arbitrator, said Jenkins, who added that leadership wanted to resolve the dispute in a “biblical way, which was to not make it a public spectacle” but to deal with it through private arbitration.

Jenkins also said he wanted to “clear up some gross misconceptions I have seen in social media comments.” First, neither Angel Studios nor The Chosen filed any lawsuit. “We simply had an arbitrator decide whether or not the contract had been breached and should be terminated,” he said.

Second, The Chosen was the party that sought arbitration and termination of contract, and this decision was not made flippantly. What’s more, Jenkins said, “No one was doing this for greed or spite or for more fame or to ‘go Hollywood.’”

He implored people to be better and to stop “mind-reading, gossip and accusations about motive.” Both Angel Studios and The Chosen want the show to reach people and be sustainable. “We just obviously have significant differences of opinion on how to do that and what our future should be,” Jenkins said. “Good people can disagree.”

On Tuesday, May 28, the arbitrator “comprehensively affirmed our position and agreed that the contract had been breached in multiple and material ways, which means that the contract is indeed terminated and The Chosen’s relationship with Angel Studios is effectively over,” said Jenkins, becoming emotional.

“We take no pleasure in this, and we want to reiterate our deep appreciation for their immeasurable role in helping launch this show,” he said, repeating those sentiments.

Nevertheless, the situation is “still ongoing,” and he cannot reveal everything about it. Moreover, some aspects of the show’s future with Angel are unclear.