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South Carolina Pastor Revealed To Be Registered Sex Offender; Elders Say They Knew

In an email obtained by The Wartburg Watch, “nonperpetual” church elder Mark Sivak told two church members that “Don is not in hiding about this event and how God has used it to bring Don to Himself and form him into the man he has now become. Don has faithfully shared this event with every employer before being hired.”

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Sivak said that while the “perpetual” elders of Eternal Church were aware of Logan’s felony sex offense, he was not. 

“The original 8 elders (minus 1 who has passed away) are still leading our church today,” Sivek said. “It is a personal story of the humbling, redemptive work Christ did in his life, which has required discernment by Don in when and how to share it, always with the concern that it be used to show God’s faithfulness and redemption to others.”

Sivek further said that Logan “has taken careful steps to safeguard himself including disclosure with elders and pastors on staff and never meeting privately with a female.”

Sivek indicated the Eternal Church’s elders have “no concerns and stand by Don, having known about his past and with confidence knowing who he is now.”

According to Fort Mill Sun, church leadership held a “family meeting” after the revelation of Logan’s past began circulating among church members. 

In a follow-up email, church members were told that the church had entered “a discernment period which has involved prayer, quiet reflection, consulting Scripture, open dialogue as a church family, processing as individuals and in groups, and discussion among elders, pastors, and staff.”

Although the “discernment period” is “ongoing,” Logan is continuing to fill Eternal Church’s pulpit. He can be seen preaching at the church as recently as Sunday, June 30. 

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ChurchLeaders has reached out to Eternal Church for comment and will update this article in the event of a response.