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The 5 People You Won’t Meet in Heaven

2. The Religious Extremist.

The religious fanatic drills into a militant strain of fundamental Christianity and exchanges the heart of the biblical message for a hardened personal preference.

This preference derails their sense of the message and blinds them to the real truth. The extremist believes that his or her cause is just and worth hurting — and at times killing — those around them to please an angry God.

Their righteousness never goes beyond the Scribes and Pharisees; instead, it rests on the Law and fails to move on to the message of grace wrapped up in a humble and compassionate Savior.

They choose to sacrifice rather than obey and, in doing so, miss the radical grace and love of Christ.

The lesson: Forgiveness and grace is found only in Christ and His finished work on the cross. He will extol judgment during his perfect time. Until then, God is patient and compassionate — wishing that none would perish. No matter how great our zeal, we will never earn God’s favor through our unhinged sacrifice.