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Your Sunday Guest Experience Checklist


  • A great guest experience must include a Guest information desk or reception desk clearly visible and accessible from main entrance; area is well lit and staffed with friendly volunteers.
  • Information about church (brochures, etc.), Bibles, pens and note paper, preschool information, registration cards and other supplies available at information desk or reception desk.
  • Temperature in building is comfortable (68-72 degrees).
  • Floor mats and umbrella storage available on rainy days; hanging coat storage available on cold days.
  • Indicator signs not to disturb service in progress if guest enters between services.
  • Clearly marked directions to preschool and children’s areas (be mindful of security — direct to general area, but avoid specifics of room locations and focus on putting guests in touch with appropriate volunters).
  • Written security and medical plans in place; at least one security volunteer and medical volunteer on call at all times — use pager or cell phone notification if possible; walkie-talkies are sometimes even better.
  • Medical (first aid) kit and portable defibrilator (if funds allow) on site; wheelchairs and crutches available nearby.
  • No unskirted (bare) tables in lobby; no unmanned displays or information stations; no “old” information on shelves or tables for distribution.