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Your Sunday Guest Experience Checklist

General Campus Appearance:

  • No burned out lightbulbs visible.
  • Carpets vaccummed.
  • Tile and vinyl floors polished.
  • A great guest experience means bathrooms clean and neat; disinfected; extra supplies of toilet paper and feminine products available; plungers and mops available for fast cleanups or emergencies.
  • No dead bugs inside building (especially roaches or rodents).
  • Windows cleaned; handrails and other “touchable” surfaces free of dirt and dust.
  • No unskirted (bare) tables in hallways; no stacked chairs in hallways or common areas.
  • Coffee supplies distributed (if offered) and in adequate quantities; all coffee equipment in working order.
  • All entrances and exits unlocked; meeting rooms unlocked; comfortable temperature achieved at least 20 minutes before scheduled use of rooms (68-72 degrees).

Preschool and Children’s Check-In:

  • Simple and quick registration process for guests.
  • Simple security process for all children grade 6 and under; computerized matching tags or simple pairs of laminated cards; policy and physical setup where unauthorized adults may not interact with children in classrooms.
  • Children’s rooms are clean and neat; toys and games sprayed with disinfectant; carpets clean; rooms have pleasant odor.
  • Preschool bathroom areas are clean and disinfected; adequate diaper and bathroom supplies avaiable.