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25 Common Myths About Christianity, And Answers From James Emory White

16. There are lost books of the Bible that should be in the Bible that contradict the Bible we have, but were suppressed by the early church.

This usually refers to the writings of the Gnostics, a group very intent on undermining Christianity, which were published long after the time of Christ. Scholars are unanimous in labeling them forgeries.

17. A hypocrite is evidence that Christianity in general, and Jesus in particular, is false.

If you spend a day with me, I have no doubt I will fail your expectations. I am a sinful man. But that has nothing to do with Jesus.

Like a middle-school garage band’s butchered cover of a Mumford and Sons song has little to do with the worth of their music, so the sin and failure of a Christ follower has little to do with Christ Himself.

18. The four gospels of the New Testament contradict each other.

Again, name a single, true “contradiction” in the Bible that isn’t readily explained through an understanding of the biblical text itself. There is a vast difference between the inclusion of different details (e.g., John including something that Mark doesn’t) and a contradiction.

19. The Bible and science are in direct conflict with each other.

If something can’t be examined in a tangible, scientific manner, then it cannot be known or explored through science. Science can point to the existence of a God, and many believe it does, but science will never be able to prove, or for that matter disprove, many of life’s ultimate realities.

For its part, the Bible itself doesn’t often speak directly about science. It doesn’t even try to answer most of the questions that science is asking. You only have a conflict when science tries to speak outside of its realm, or when people try to make the Bible speak outside of what it is intending to.

20. You have to get your act together before coming to Christ.

The message of the gospel is that you come as you are and God begins there. If you had to get your act together before coming to Christ, no one in history would have ever been able to come to Christ.

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