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9 Better Ways to Say Welcome to Church

4. Limit Announcements during Welcome to Church.

The welcome segment is not an announcement segment. You have many other mediums for announcements (bulletin, pre-service videos and quips, information tables, etc.).

We intentionally limit the number of announcements, only highlighting what we feel is absolutely necessary. In most cases, our only “announcement” is dedicated to a next step for the people in the auditorium.

In the sample above, I announced short-term group registration and highlighted our new satellite parking lot. This gave me a little moment to celebrate, cast vision and connect people in our church.

5. Evaluate Your Words – All of Them.

We are hypercritical at Watermarke, picking apart everything we do. That certainly causes some “unfiltered debate,” but it makes us better.

The welcome is not immune to our evaluation. We want to ensure that the exact words we say and phrases we use communicate exactly what we intend.

Remember, people (especially guests) are assessing your church at the beginning of your service. Make sure the phrases and content of your welcome communicate who you are and what you hope for them.

6. Define Your Target.

Make sure the welcome is targeted to the group of people who need to be “welcomed.” Hint: Your target is the people sitting in front of you.

If you are expecting guests (please tell me you are expecting guests!), then talk directly to them. If the high school staff gives you an announcement about a high school retreat, don’t use the welcome time if there are no high school students in the room.

Be intentional. Be strategic. Target your welcome and the words you use. Make every word count.

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Gavin Adams believes the local church is the most important organization on the planet and he is helping to transform them into places unchurched people love to attend. As the Lead Pastor of Watermarke Church, (a campus of North Point Ministries), Watermarke has grown from 400 to 4000 attendees in five years. A student of leadership, communication, church, and faith, Gavin shares his discoveries through speaking and consulting. Follow him at @Gavin_Adams and at gavinadams.com.