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12 Crazy Cool Church Outreach Ideas from Churches Just Like Yours

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11. Random Acts of Softness

Usually when you think of a quilting club, you picture cute grandmas happily sewing away. But at First United Methodist Church in Kansas, you’ll see a group of teenagers. One student, Braegan Zimmerman was inspired by the impact of a quilt ministry on a mission trip and decided to replicate it in her hometown. Braegan and 20 other students didn’t know much about quilting when they started, but they learned quickly. The next month they produced 20 quilts for children in need at a child advocacy center who had experienced great trauma. The quilts have been a huge comfort to them and they are making more quilts than ever.

12. Aviation Ministry for Teens

An adventure began in 2013 when Pastor Brian Hammond and a few friends dreamed up a way to combine their love of aviation with their heart for troubled teens in their city. After a year of planning, fundraising, and recruiting, they launched an aviation ministry through The Church at South Lake in Florida. The goal is to offer teens a two-year program in conjunction with the teen earning their pilot license. The teen receives holistic mentoring from school academics to job interviewing to budgeting to technical skills.

What other cool ministries do you know of that have great church outreach ideas to meet unique needs in their communities?

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