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15 Church Growth Ideas

11. Invite a volunteer to talk about why they give.

One of the most effective ways to set up the offering time and inspire people to give generously is to ask a volunteer to share a short testimony about whey they give to the church. Testimonies like this don’t have to be polished, and they don’t even need an amazing ending. But they are authentic, and people can relate to them.

12. Tell people where the money goes.

One Sunday, right before the offering in the church service, hold up a dollar bill. Tell people you’re about to receive the offering and a lot of people are going to give these.

Then say something like this: “Before you give today, I just want you to know what we’re going to do with it. I want you to know where the money goes.”

Tell people what part of that dollar goes to the facilities, what part goes to the amazing staff, what part goes to cover the cost of ministry, and how much your church will actually give away. When you’re upfront with where the money goes, you build confidence and trust with the congregation.

13. Get feedback on your sermon…before you preach it.

Getting feedback after your sermon is extremely valuable. But what if you got feedback in advance? On Thursday or Friday, email your outline or your message notes to a handful of people in your church and ask for feedback. Ask for stories or illustrations to make the main idea hit home. Ask if it applies to what people’s everyday struggles. Check to make sure the main idea is clear.

14. Bring in someone to speak to your staff.

Going to a conference with your team is a great opportunity to grow, but you can also bring a conference to your team. Invite a guest speaker from another church, a leader from the marketplace, or an expert in a particular subject to speak to your staff. This can be a cost-effective way to provide training and help everyone get better.

A local restaurant owner can talk about how they create a welcoming environment for guests. A teacher can talk about what kids really need to learn. A consultant can help you improve productivity or decision making in ministry.

15. Make a donation on your own church website.

Do you know what it’s like to make a donation on your church website? Open up a new browser window and make a donation. See how long it takes. Read what’s on the thank you page. Check out the confirmation email. Then look for ways to make the process better.

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