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8 Hiring Red Flags for New Church Staff

4. Candidates That Don’t Ask Good Questions

If they don’t ask good questions, they’re not going to be a very critical thinker or strategic and will have a hard time moving the ministry forward at your church.

5. Candidates That Treat “Nobodies” Poorly

If they only treat people with perceived power and influence well (those they seem to gain something from) and overlook others, or even worse treat them poorly, then they have a serious character defect that will hurt your team.

6. Candidates That Are Too Eager

If they are too eager to jump ship and join your team then they’re probably running from something or chasing something; either way they’ll have a hard time leading in the here and now if they join your team.

7. Candidates With an Overbearing Spouses

I know you’re not hiring their spouse, you’re hiring them, but sharp people typically marry sharp people. If their spouse is overbearing, you’re probably going to want to pass.

8. Candidates That Change Jobs Too Often

If they have a track record of changing jobs every few years, chances are they’ll leave you soon too.


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