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5 Deadly Sins of an Unhealthy Church


When the church is not unified ii is most likely disunited around lesser issues of importance. (I once witnessed a heated argument over the purchase of toilet paper. Do you buy it when you need it or do you buy it in bulk? Now that’s an important issue!)

By the way, this sin includes the dreaded passive aggression, and I’ve seen that one way too many times. It includes talking about people rather than talking to people. It’s choosing sides over nonessential issues, rather than coming together for the furtherance of the Gospel.

Judgemental attitudes.

Jesus was constantly battling this one with the religious leaders of the day. When a church is more concerned about the sins outside the walls of the church than the ones inside it has fallen into legalism. I can imagine God will have a very hard time honoring that church.  It dishonors the Gospel for which Jesus came to share.


Without faith it is impossible to please God. When a church fails to walk by faith it is sinning against the original design God had for His people and His church.

On this one I suspect that many time the church has simply quit listening to the voice of God. When all the systems for doing church are in place and nothing new is being attempted you can do church without His intervention. It’s easy to stop asking for His help.

Is this too harsh of an article? I hope not. I trust calling sin sin is still acceptable to the Church these days. So, the question becomes whether you agree church people can fall into one of these. And, the greater question is whether your church has any of these.


This article on the sins of an unhealthy church originally appeared here, and is used by permission.