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Preachers: Until Christ Be Sweet, Sin Will Not Be Bitter

Yes, there are stories where people walk away. But the major note of the New Testament mission seems to be Jesus captivating people with his good-news bringing as he calls people to himself. For the most part He doesn’t start with “naming the sin” but captivating with love, hope, goodness, rescue, etc. If this is the major emphasis I believe it would do us well to ask the tough questions of our preaching. Am I preaching Christ as compellingly as I’m preaching sin? Am I being as clear about the good news as I am naming sin?

“They left church because they wanted their sin” doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve been a faithful gospel (good news) preacher. It might mean that you’ve actually not preached Christ as beautifully as He is, and so the sin still looks more precious. Not always, but maybe.

Let us be truthful about sin. But let us preach Christ so wonderfully and beautifully that the bitterness of sin becomes obvious held next to the radiance of His splendor.

This article about preaching about sin originally appeared here, and is used by permission.