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45 Leadership Quotes and Lessons From Los Angeles Rams Head Coach Sean McVay on Matthew Stafford, Aaron Donald, and Building a Winning Culture

His Relationship with General Manager Les Snead

  1. “We see the game through a similar lens.”

The 2021 Los Angeles Rams

  1. “This year has been a real journey.”
  2. “I gained the most confidence… watching the resolve when we got to 7-4 and how we ended up reeling off a handful of wins in a row and finding different ways to do that.”
  3. “The resolve, the resilience, the belief, and the ability to stay connected through the adversity and kind of ignore that outside noise, especially in the midst of that three-game losing skid where we a month without losing a game.”

Leveraging Super Bowl Experience

  1. “Appreciate the opportunity but know the job’s not finished.”
  2. “You have a much better perspective on how difficult it is.”
  3. “When the game gets going, be totally and completely present and being able to see the game.”
  4. “There’s an urgency to let’s finish this job. There’s a confidence that’s been earned by this team.”
  5. “You want to make sure you learn from the previous mistakes.”

Aaron Donald

  1. “As good as you think he is, and as special as you think he is, he’s better. He’s truly one of one.”
  2. “You watch the focus, the concentration, the way he practices… it’s a blessing to be able to coach him.”
  3. “He’s everything you could ask for in a superstar. The humility, the way he brings people with him.”
  4. “As physically gifted as he is, he’s just as gifted above the neck, the intrinsic motivation he has, the ability to push himself. The mental toughness is second to none.”

Handling Pressure

  1. “That’s a part of this business.”
  2. “I have such conviction about the players and coaches I’m surrounded with, it gives you confidence.”
  3. “There’s always internal pressure you put on yourself.”

Growth As A Coach

  1. “Experience is the biggest thing, learning from both the good and the bad.”
  2. “The scars from the mistakes you’ve made or the adversity you’ve had can harden you in a good way if you take it the right way.”
  3. “Utilize all those experiences to gain the perspective, the appreciation and continuing to understand how important it is to be surrounded by great people.”

What is one thing you learned from Coach McVay which will make you a better leader?

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