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Former Atheist Shares One Easy Way to Grow Your Church

Now here is the surprising aspect. When a Christian is equipped, knows about and trusts this website, God will simply bring people their way.

Example. A friend of mine just last week told me of her conversation with a manicurist at a salon. My Christian friend simply said, “Hey, I know a great site that answers people’s questions about life and God.” The manicurist immediately lowered her head on crossed arms on the table and began to cry. After composing herself she said, “Just this morning I said, ‘God somehow I need to find you.’ And now you’re offering me this.”

Another example. Soon after boarding the plane, a man sitting next to me asked if I was traveling for business or pleasure. I said, “I’m connected to a site that takes on the hard questions about life and God.” He immediately said, “We need to talk.” This very successful businessman two months earlier was in Ace Hardware buying a rope planning to hang himself. As we talked, and as I gave him my phone to read a few pages on our site, he received Christ. I connected him to a church in his area.

Here’s another example. Someone was in my home fixing my computer. As he was leaving we had this short conversation:

Me: “I noticed that you’re wearing a Saint Christopher medal.”

Computer Guy: “Oh yeah, I have to. I travel so much.”

Me: “Yeah, I understand that. Could I recommend to you that maybe you go over the head of St. Christopher to someone higher up, to God? Because God cares about you. He also wants to help you, and to guide your life, and take care of you. Maybe no one has ever shared with you how you could have this kind of relationship with God. May I give you this card? It has a website that will explain how you can know God in this way.” (I give him a business card with EveryPerson.com on it.)

Computer Guy: “Wow. Thanks so much. That’s so kind of you. I will definitely look at this. Thanks again.”

 In an eye doctor’s office, I asked the nurse how her day was going. She said she’s really nervous about Covid. I said, “I know a great website that explains what God offers us, how He can help us with things that do make us anxious. Could I give you a card to the site?” She was so grateful.

One more. I was in a hotel lobby and a woman standing next to me asked if I was with their convention. I said, “No. I’m connected with a site that takes on the hard questions about life and God, like how do you know God exists?” She said, “I’m an atheist, but I’m searching.”

I said, “You will love this site. It will give you reasons to believe in God’s existence and show you how you can begin a relationship with Him today.” She teared up and thanked me for giving her a card.

Short, Easy Conversations

Everyday moments become significant, exciting. Christians will be grateful they can help someone. They’ll see God orchestrating conversations that they would have normally passed on. It instills joy…enthusiasm for evangelism. Imagine that!

Every Christian likes to see God involved, God working through them to help another. And especially in a way that is so low risk.

I mentioned handing someone a card. Small business cards to the site are available on our resource site here.

If they know the person, they could ask them about the site later. Or, the person might just come to them and initiate a conversation. “Hey, I looked at that site you gave me. It was really helpful.”