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Eric Geiger: 5 Reasons I Am Hopeful for the Church in 2023

2. This world continues to fatigue; the Church offers Jesus’ message of grace.

Some hoped life after the pandemic would be like the roaring 20s after the pandemic of 1918, but this world continues to disappoint and fatigue. The message the Church stewards is the message our souls need; we can rest in Him.

3. Clarity is desired; the Church offers truth.

People are asking lots of questions about gender, sexuality, pain, suffering, and people want clarity and direction. Jesus is truth and the Scripture that guides the Church has gracious wisdom for the big questions of the day.

4. Learnings from the pandemic have been operationalized and will gain more traction.

The pandemic forced faster innovation in churches. Some churches ramped up multiplication efforts, others focused on digital initiatives, and others embedded a deeper commitment to groups or theological training. Initiatives that have been operationalized in 2022 are in a better position for the church in 2023 to gain more traction and make a bigger impact on people.

5. Seeds planted in local communities during the pandemic will bear fruit.

Local churches found ways to serve the hurting during the pandemic, from food distribution to online tutoring to caring for medical workers. While we serve because Jesus served us, we also serve with hopes of sharing the gospel. Serving local communities softens soil and plants seeds of showing God’s grace, but it typically takes time for those seeds to bear fruit. All of the serving done over the last few years will make impact in the years to come.


This article on the church in 2023 originally appeared here, and is used by permission.