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5 Times When It’s Difficult to Lead

3. It’s Difficult to Lead when the vision for change isn’t abundantly clear.

Of course, people will not always agree with a change even if it is clear to them. Some people never agree with change – any change. When people can’t seem to grasp a compelling reason for the change, opposition is more likely to occur.

Good leaders help people understand the why behind the change as much as possible. Pastors who lead change well use their “best sermons” to cast vision for change. It would be better to over communicate than under communicate.

4. When there isn’t an obvious or capable person to cast the vision and lead the change.

People follow leaders they trust. It is vital when implementing change that a leader be in place who can carry the charge for the change.

In cases where there is not a clear person to own the vision of change, I usually back away from the change until the leader is in place.

5. It’s Difficult to Lead when the risk seems bigger than the potential return.

By definition, faith moves us into the unknown. When we can’t discern the return on the risk we are more likely to object. While this needs to be understood, it should also be understood that anything of value requires risk. Obedience to God requires faith. Every time. So the greatest things we can achieve in life will almost always appear to have bigger risk than the return we can see in the beginning.

Good leaders challenge people beyond their level of comfort. It’s difficult to lead because leadership is the tension between the comfort of where we are and the potential of where we could be.

Again, none of these are reasons not to change, but understanding these can certainly help us better navigate through change.


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