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An Invitation to the Church This Father’s Day

Supporting vulnerable families is more than giving resources. It’s about empowering individuals to change their family’s future. I’ve seen empowerment transform families. When struggling mothers or fathers first enter the program, many walk hunched over, making little eye contact and barely engaging in conversation. Poverty can weigh people down. But when we help to empower people, we lift them up.

I recently met Assefa, another struggling single father in Ethiopia. I was struck by his physical appearance after his time in our partnership program. He exuded confidence and his face glowed. Not only did his circumstances change, but his whole demeanor. Able to provide for his children, Assefa was transformed—a new man full of life, joy and hope.

The challenges facing families in poverty can seem overwhelming. But making a profound impact does not have to be—sometimes all it takes is a small helping hand. A knock on the door. Someone saying, “We’re here to help” can be all a person needs to believe they can make a change. The church is the knock on the door. 

This Father’s Day, I invite Christians everywhere to rethink orphan care by choosing to partner with family-strengthening programs. Churches in the U.S. can equip local churches worldwide to empower families within their communities and create sustainable change. 

By restoring dignity to fathers, we can show the world the heart of God.