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Why Not Everyone Is a Church Planter

And that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t do it if they are called to it, but it means they may need to understand going in that the skill set they have isn’t necessarily the greatest match for the skill set needed for starting a church out of nothing. There are people who are simply going to blossom and shine when they are leading larger groups of people…not because bigger is better but because they just flourish there. That isn’t a value statement. But those same people can quickly look completely helpless and incompetent when trying to start a church plant with 10 or 50 people. QUICKLY.

And this isn’t to give them an excuse or to allow them to shrug off what is difficult.

I also don’t say all of this to discourage certain people from church planting. I think you can actually learn skill sets that don’t come naturally to you, and in many ways, God uses those times of weakness to train us, refine our character and draw us closer to him. But you should probably expect it to be much slower process than for others.

But I’m big on people understanding things as they are experiencing them or making sense of what they have already experienced. That’s how we learn.

So what say you? Does this make sense? Have I completely jumped the shark on this one?

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Doug is the Director of Communications for 3DM, and organization devoted to building a disciple-making culture in the local church.