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Top-Tier Execs Applying Their Faith


The Houston Chronicle reported today on new research from Rice University that evangelicals in prominent government or corporate positions often bring their faith into the workplace, allowing it to affect their daily decisions and habits. Some are subtle about it, but some display it boldly and confidently, according to the research led by Rice sociologist Michael Lindsay. The study polled more than 350 evangelicals, all top-level leaders from politics, corporations, entertainment, athletics, and construction industries, among others. Lindsay said even though the American public assumes those in leadership are not committed to their beliefs, the poll results show this is not the case. “Corporate America has made much greater allowance for religion in the workplace…not endorsing religious activity but allowing it to take place and tolerating it,” he said. Researchers even divided respondents into categories based on their approach to faith at work: Heroic: Confident that their morals will lead them the right way at work and are happy to accept the consequences; Brazen: Take fewer faith risks than heroics, but still maintain religious zeal in the workplace; and Circumspect/Pragmatic: Apply their faith on a case-by-case basis and remain engaged in faith in “more nuanced” ways, such as by keeping a Bible on their desk in their office.

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