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40 Ways You Can Invite People to Church

23. Walk around a neighborhood and collect canned food.  Invite people to church while asking for food.

24. Hand out helium balloons at special events.

25. Get a truck, ladder and a bunch of light bulbs and walk around and ask people if they need light bulbs changed.

26. Set up a bounce house at the movie theater when a big kids movie premiers.  Or in front of another store.  Managers are often open to anything that draws attention to their store.

27. Put out road signs on the weekend (did you know about 15% of people who attend our church for the first time do so because they saw a road sign?)

28. Put a giant leaf sign in the back of your truck.  Politicians do it – our cause is way more important!

29. Give away silly bandz (with your church logo) anywhere there are kids.

30. Enter a float in one of the parades.  Walk along side it and give away candy and invites.

31. Take breakfast to school teachers.  Simply email the principal and ask if you can do it, set a day, and make it happen.

32. Get a giant backpack sprayer and offer to spray for bugs in people’s homes.  It might seem strange, but what a great way to talk to someone and invite them to church.

33. Salt driveways when it ices during the winter and then invite someone to church.

34. Help with field days at a local elementary school.  What school wouldn’t appreciate volunteers?

35. Take food to fire stations.  Let them know you appreciate them and that they are always welcome at your church.