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Chilean Miners' Faith Grows During Ordeal


The whole world watched as the miners trapped in a cave in San Jose, Chile since early August were lifted to safety this week by tireless workers and engineers. The 33 miners emerged wearing tan T-shirts reading “Gracias Senor” (“Thank you, Lord”), a gift from Campus Crusade for Christ International. The group was also able to send the trapped workers an MP3 of their Jesus film, as well as an MP3 version of the New Testament in Spanish. The back of the T-shirts read “Psalm 95:4—In his hands are the depths of the earth, and the mountain peaks belong to him.” Earlier the miners were gifted with MP3s of sermons, 33 New Testaments, two entire Bibles, Bible study materials, and MP3s of Christian music. According to The Baptist Press, three of the 33 miners were believers when the mine collapsed; since then, two more have made professions of faith, and the group held regular Bible studies and prayer times during the ordeal.