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Reaching Out to Unbelievers at Christmas

reaching out to unbelievers

Many times as I travel this time of year, people ask the question, “How can I use Christmas to reach out to unbelievers?” The answer I give them is simpler than they are probably expecting. I believe the answer is in two words—think non-Christians. In other words, it doesn’t begin with what you do, but it begins with the way you think. We have an expression today that goes, “Out of sight—out of mind.” I think it’s also possible to say, “Out of mind—out of sight.” If you do not have them on your mind, you won’t have them within view over the holidays. Regardless of what you do and what you participate in, think non-Christians. Once you do that, you’ll be surprised how many ideas come to your mind.

For example, cards are often sent to family and friends, most of whom are believers because of relationships at church, etc. But why not think of five to 10 non-Christians you may not be that close to, but who would appreciate a card from you? If appropriate, you can include a tract, but I believe there are also times when it’s not appropriate. A warm, personal handwritten greeting simply lets them know you care. That warm greeting may open up a door for the gospel later. In each situation, you have to ascertain what’s best. A tract may be enclosed in one card where it may not be in another.

If you’re going to the mall, why not take an unbeliever with you and even offer to buy their lunch? That kind of giving spirit over the holidays is different than just getting a package from beneath the tree and has such a tangible way of saying, “I value your friendship.”

If you’re thinking of a loved one who is a believer who lost a member of their family this year, your concern and attention as you go through the first holiday season would mean a lot. But who do you know that’s an unbeliever who suffered a similar kind of loss? Why not reach out to them as well? The holiday may be even harder for them than it is for a believing family because they do not have the hope in Christ that you have.

I trust you see what I mean. By simply “thinking non-Christians,” you’ll be surprised by all the ideas that come to your mind whereby you can reach out to unbelievers. As you go forth, ask God for wisdom, direction and boldness. He’ll give you all three.