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Flying On an Independent Faith Carrier

It has often been said that the ‘safest time’ to fly is after a major accident has occurred. The reason being is because it is then when the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) is at its best, insuring that all airline carriers follow through on each of their respective safety procedures, being ever so vigilant that what may have caused the accident to occur, will not ever happen again.

From the raising of various threat levels, to the distribution of penalties for insubordinate pilots or traffic control personnel, the FAA is primarily responsible for restoring the confidence of the general public that flying is indeed a safe way to travel.

Sometimes I wish there were a similar organization for the local church.

Over the past ten to fifteen years, as the size of many of our churches have grown larger, many have drifted away from various denominational communities and strategic partnerships or associations that could possibly provide the oversight, training, and overall encouragement necessary to navigate through the difficult seasons that come after a major accident has occurred.

Many of today’s churches now operate as independent ‘faith carriers’ – which makes it all the more difficult for threat levels and penalties to be observed because these carriers have chosen to fly their own routes. And because of their independence, many of their passengers have little to no idea that the increase of bag fees and ticket prices have more to do with the correction of years of fiscal and organizational mismanagement than the actual cost of their flight.

Yet despite all of this, I believe that right now is ‘the safest time’ to fly.

Over the past eight to ten months, there have been several major accidents that have occurred within the Body of Christ. Some due to individual pilots and flight crews. While others are due to faulty and antiquated equipment or procedures that have needed to be upgraded for some time now. You need only glance over the ‘timelines’ of believers and non-believers alike to discover how many have lost hope in the local church and are now choosing ‘alternative’ methods of travel on Sunday morning.

Yet despite all of this, I believe that right now is ‘the safest time’ to fly.

I still believe in the local church. I still have love for the local church. Beyond its flaws. Beyond its shortcomings. I still remain confident that the local church is the best idea our God has ever had.

For those of you reading this today who because of so many of today’s news clippings, have now entertained a fear of flying, I want you to know that there are thousands of faith carriers all over the world today who are using this difficult season to make the necessary adjustments. From takeoffs to landings, exit seats and oxygen masks, everything is being rechecked.

Although we cannot assure you that your time with us will be void of any turbulence, your confidence in our service, and more importantly, in our Christ, will once again become our top priority.