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Why The Enemy Hates You and the Fear Tactics He Uses

The enemy hates you. It’s in his plans to hurt, rip-off, abuse and, ultimately, kill everyone and everything associated with you. Why? Because you’re made in the image of God and you have given your life to Him through faith in Jesus Christ. Everything about you reminds him that he lost and will forever be a loser. That make him furious & relentless.

The enemy hates prayer, Bible study, evangelism, worship and discipleship. He hates marriage, family & the church. He attacks holiness and he will do whatever he can to intimidate and disillusion you.

He loves to help you get offended at ‘the church’ or ‘christians’ — yeah, to invent your own – more liberal – version of righteousness that requires no obedience, accountability or radical faith. In the name of “I was hurt” you can cheapen everything about your walk with God (despite the fact that it was NEVER Christ who hurt you – in fact, quite the opposite).  The concept of church seems out-of-date or out-of-style… we get bored with it or bothered by it’s demands.

Could it be we’re simply afraid?? Afraid to commit? Afraid to change? Afraid to be accountable? Afraid to be responsible? Afraid to be generous? Afraid to be REAL? The enemy will use his fear tactics skillfully and creatively to cause you to raise the banner of “it’s MY life” and when this happens, he’s got you. Now, he’ll leave you alone and generously provide you with all the worldly comforts and excesses that are required to numb your ignorance & disobedience.

What often follows is the sarcastic celebration of your new lifestyle which allows you to say you love Christ without the demands & legalism of the church. And, this feeds into your pride to the point where you actually believe you’re the real christian because you love, hangout with and accept sinners. Now, I admit, that many churches have failed at separating the sinner from the sin and show intolerance to people rather than simply the sin that so easily entangles them. We’re not loving enough. But, on the other hand, to say you love them and don’t judge them sounds noble, but if you leave them in bondage to sin, you’re no hero or authentic christian either.

I refuse to be controlled by the enemy’s fear tactics.

 In one month, we are relaunching every ministry that’s associated with our church plant in Hamtramck (an inner-city within the city of Detroit). We are revamping the entire outreach of this location and have placed new leaders over every part of the ministry. We are opening a coffee cafe 5 days a week to serve this city and making our building a center for community & compassion. In fact, the sign out front, will be changing to “COURAGE Coffee & Community“. It’s thrilling and it begins in ONE month!

Yesterday, my new leaders arrived with me to work on the building and discovered that the building had been tagged (spray painted w/ graffiti) on the back door and one of the front doors. See the picture… words/phrases included: smoke weed everyday, worship satan, kill infants, f— real church, and other horrible things. There was also several satanic symbols (upside down cross & pentagrams). Big surprise: the enemy hates what we have planned.

Well, take a good look at confidence and joy in my daughter’s face in the picture — Mariah is the discipleship director for Hamtown  – and, like her, we are NOT afraid. These kinds of attacks only fill us with a greater determination and resolve to reach this city for Christ. We are reminded that, YES, the enemy is real but our God is greater. And, in Jesus’ name, we are pressing on with valiant courage!

“Those who are righteous will be long remembered. 7 They do not fear bad news; they confidently trust the LORD to care for them. 8 They are confident and fearless and can face their foes triumphantly” Psalm 112:6-8

Fear is not a Factor, Chilly 

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Chilly Chilton is a youth specialist, church planter, lead pastor, mentor and blogger. His dynamic personality and bold message has touched the lives of people around the world for over 25 years. In the fall of 2004, Chilly planted Real Church in cultural center of Detroit. He now pastors two campuses that are radically impacting the communities of “America’s Most Dangerous City”… His mission is simple: “To inspire today’s generation to grasp their destiny and live their lives with reckless abandonment to the purpose of God.“ Chilly has also founded Xmin Academy and his charity Hope Works, Inc. He and his beautiful wife Netta live right in midtown Detroit & have 5 amazing kids.