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5 Practical Ways to Show Thankfulness

Being a Christ follower I have learned and continue to learn new ways to remain thankfull and practice thankfullness. The Psalmist wrote “enter his gates with thanksgiving,” now listen here, if God taught King David how to enter into His presence, we need to make this a habit.
These are some practical, some hilarious ways to remain thankfull. (Try these yourself, see if they work)

1. Run your hand under cold water for about 1 minute: (This will remind you to be thankfull for Hot water, becuase many do not have it)

2. Sleep on the floor at least once a month: (This is to remind you to be thankfull that you have a bed, a warm bed because many do not)

3. Do a Daniel fast several times a year: (This is to help remind you that not everyone in the world has so many options of food and they enjoy what they do eat, even if its just a little bit of it)

4. Drink fresh water three times a day: (This is to remind yourself to be thankfull you don’t have to walk to a local well or have to drink or bathe in dirty water, like most of the world)

5. Use a pay phone to call somebody: NOTE: Not all areas still have them(This is to remind you of how easy it is to call someone, or stay in touch with someone you love, the military doesn’t have this luxury, every minute of the day as do most people)

BONUS round:
If you own a car, during the summer drive a whole day without the AC on. Or, during the winter drive a whole day without the heat on: (This will help you appreciate temperature control everyday you drive)

Now, here this, I am NOT trying to make you feel guilty, conviction isnt guilt, I am trying to help you remain thankfull. God isn’t trying to keep you from prosperity, he talks about prosperity a lot in scripture, he wants YOU to be THANKFULL. Likewise, being poor doesn’t make you spiritually healthy either, there are plenty of poor people with a serious materialistic world view, they tell themselves (I wish I had what they had). Thankfullness is a state of being, its contentment and gratitude.

What are some other crazy ways we can help each other stay thankfull?