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Jesus Doesn’t Need You to Defend Him

Had a friend Tweet this yesterday…

“Just had to defend my faith in a grocery store, a guy just talking junk about Christians, faith…don’t mess with my Savior, man.”

I don’t know many things, but I do know this…Jesus doesn’t need defending. He can certainly defend Himself, quite well. I know my friend didn’t fully understand what he was writing, but the statement causes me great pain.

Those Outside the Kingdom Need to See

When we make it our mission to “defend” the Gospel, what we do is “offend” with the Gospel. I’ve never seen anyone offended into a relationship with Jesus. We must show others who God IS before telling them what God SAID. When we unload our offense at someone because they have said or acted in a way that we don’t like…It’s NOT OK! They aren’t in the Kingdom; we can’t expect them to act any other way. Show them the character of Jesus….

NOBODY can “Mess with your Savior”

We should never feel we have to call people out because we think they are “hatin’ on Jesus.” The reason they are “hatin’ on Jesus” is that some rebel in the name of Jesus was hatin’ on them first! It’s not that they don’t like Jesus…

They have never met Jesus! They have met YOU! They don’t like YOU!

So stop telling them you represent Jesus! Please! More harm is done to the Kingdom with words in the name of “defending” the Gospel. Just “Man Up” act like “The Man” of Jesus and not like an idiot “for Jesus” and the Kingdom will thank you.

That is all…