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Did We Nail It? 3 Questions to Ask After Every Event

After a weekend with a big event big, it’s always good to go back and ask a very important question, Did we nail it? Maybe I am just different, but I love engaging in these types of discussions and debriefs because I love breaking things down and evaluating them, finding what worked and observing what still needs work. So here are three things that can help you lead this type of meeting, three open questions that should spark discussion among those you need in the room.

1. Did we hit our target?

The review here should start with recapping goals: (THIS) was our goal, (THIS) was our expectation…did we hit it or miss it? If so, by how much? An example would be like this: Our Goal was to have an energetic worship service, celebration theme, joy expressed. Videos need to be thought provoking and stir emotion. Now, after that you go back and ask around, was this accomplished; if so, how, if not, why? What needed to be added, what were the missing ingredients.

The foolish thing to do, honestly, is go into your next major event or service without learning from your last one. Did we set a goal and reach it?

2. Were the expectations made clear enough? 

I just don’t understand why communication isn’t discussed enough. Communication is always important to how things operate and are executed, yet, many times, after a BIG weekend or major event, the communication is never addressed. Did everyone know what was expected? Did everyone communicate to their teams? Were the goals clearly set? This is way too important to ignore in my assessment.

Look closely at how the word was spread in the organization and follow the trail from there.

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