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10 Easy Ways to Know You’re Not a Leader

I’ve been watching people a lot recently. Some in person. Some on TV. I’ve been looking for signs of leadership.

You need to know, I’m surrounded by great leaders. Because of that, I know what leadership looks like.

You also need to know that I fall in the group that believes God has gifted some to be leaders. Which means some have gifts that don’t include leadership. And that’s a good thing. We need a great mix of gifts to have an impact in ministry or in any organization.

It would be bad if we only had leaders.

As I’ve been watching for leaders to emerge these last several weeks, though, I’ve noticed that there are several types of people. Some are genuine leaders. Some are in leadership positions, but they aren’t really leaders. Some aren’t in a leadership position but think they should be.

All of this has got me thinking about leadership, and well, signs that indicate you’re not really a leader. You may be able to help me add and subtract from this list. Here are the:

10 Easy Ways to Know You’re Not a Leader

1. You’re waiting on a bigger staff and more money to accomplish your vision.

2. You think you need to be in charge to have influence.

3. You’re content.

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Tony is the Chief Strategic Officer and founder of The Unstuck Group. For 14 years, Tony served on the senior leadership teams at West Ridge Church (Dallas, GA), NewSpring Church (Anderson, SC) and Granger Community Church (Granger, IN). He's written several books and articles that have been featured with the Willow Creek Association, Catalyst and Pastors.com.