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6 Evangelism Thoughts That Every Leader Needs To Know

Evangelism (telling others about Jesus) is not a great idea…it is a COMMAND issued by Christ Himself.  It’s not easy, it does cause us to get uncomfortable, people will think you are crazy, and following the command of Christ will create tension at times.

Nonetheless, we are still called and empowered to do this!  So today, I hope you will take a little time to read Acts 8:4-8 and let’s think about six things together.

#1 – Evangelism Is the Proclamation of Jesus Christ-PERIOD!  (Acts 8:4-8)

One of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever heard in my life is, “preach the Gospel all of the time and, when necessary, use words!”  DUMB!  Because…GOD SAID in Romans 10:14-17“>Romans 10:14-17, it’s through THE WORD that people are saved.

Listen, good deeds are never a bad thing…but please don’t try to convince me that cutting someone’s grass or paying for their coffee is evangelism…it’s NOT!  The BIBLICAL definition of evangelism is when we PROCLAIM CHRIST…and unfortunately, a cowardly church culture has turned it into a whole lot of things that Jesus never intended it to be.  The Bible says in Acts 8:5!)