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3 Ways to Reflect Jesus to Others

A couple of Sundays ago, I was at the church in the foyer, along with my wife and a few other members of the church.

One of the sisters mentioned to my wife that the previous Wednesday she had looked over at where I was sitting with my daughter, and she thought how much she looked like me.

My wife smiled, I smiled, a young sister in the Lord overheard the comment, and she smiled as well.

The reason we were all smiling is that my daughter, the youngest of the five girls my wife and I have, is not my biological daughter.

My family is a blended family. My wife had four daughters, and I had one when we got married.

Our youngest daughter was only 2 years old when my wife and I got married, and she is now 12 years old.

Because I’ve raised her, she is a reflection of me. Maybe not necessarily in physical appearance, but in the way that I raised her.

I taught her how to ride her bike. I’ve spent time with her at school events. We pray and read the Bible together. I’ve tried my very best to instill Biblical principles in her.

We spend a lot of time together and do a lot of things that a father and daughter do.

The experience reminded me that we should be a reflection of Jesus. When we spend time with the Jesus, we begin to look more like him. We begin to act more like him. And we begin to talk more like him.

Even Jesus was a reflection of his Father. Jesus said that he only did what his Father in heaven did (John 5:19). So in essence, we are not only reflecting Jesus, but God himself. Those are some pretty high standards.

How can you best reflect Jesus?

1. Get into his Word.

How can you expect to know what God expects of you, and how to be more like Jesus, if you don’t read the instructional manual, the Bible?

2. Do what the Word says.

If you don’t do what the Word says, why bother reading it? You deceive yourself when you read the Word but are not a doer of the Word.

3. Share the Word with others.

Jesus shared a lot of himself with his disciples. He taught them how to pray. He also proclaimed his father to the people, healing the sick, raising the dead, and providing food.