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Why We Should Stop Using the Word “Missional”

Bible commentators understand this to mean very plainly that we are to witness to those close to us, closer to us, and closest to us.” The ends of the Earth, Samaria, Judea and Jerusalem. Basically, our life is a mission, wherever we are.

So while I understand the sentiment behind the term “missional,” I find it to be yet another Christian term that muddies the waters. If we know that the Bible clearly directs us to live a life resembling that of a missionary, or better yet, to actually be missionaries, why do we need a new catch phrase?

Christian catch phrases are often redundant, and while they echo the heart of Scripture, they also add an often not-so-scriptural element: Us.

Man, when we get our hands all over God’s vision, sometimes, it comes out looking drastically different than He intended. A pastor I knew used to say, “We can’t make it happen, but we sure can mess it up.” So true.

More than that, I find Christian buzzwords to add to the clutter and the noise that the church is making. More labels, less action, it seems.

“Oh, my church is missional. I belong to a missional community. Missions is where it’s at! Missions!!!” (Hopefully, no one is actually just going around yelling “missions,” but you never know.) But what does all of that mean to those who are yet to know Christ?

People don’t need a catch phrase. They need the power of the Living God.

The church doesn’t need more terminology. It needs a people desperately hungry for the things of God.

Words hold power, but action changes lives.

Jesus didn’t just talk the talk. He is the Way.

I know that this idea won’t be particularly popular. I know that many might disagree with me and argue that if the idea is scriptural and churches are enacting it, then where’s the harm? I also know that there are “missional” churches out there making huge impacts for God’s Kingdom. I get it.

Yet, I long for the day when the profundity and simplicity of the Gospel is enough, because guess what? It’s enough. We do not need to add to Jesus. We only need to live for Him.