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Most Churchgoers Never Share Their Faith, Research Shows

American churchgoers believe they should share their faith, but the majority never do, according to recent LifeWay Research. The vast majority of those polled (80 percent) agreed that sharing their faith is an important part of discipleship, and 75 percent of them feel comfortable that they are able to communicate the gospel well, but more than 60 percent haven’t done so in the past six months, and nearly half (48 percent) have never invited anyone to attend a church service or program.

Ed Stetzer, president of LifeWay Research, commented that new Christians tend to be the most active in sharing their faith. “While new Christians may find it natural to share their new experience, mature Christians do it intentionally,” he said.

LifeWay Research has developed a questionnaire for believers called the Transformational Discipleship Assessment, designed to deliver reports on spiritual maturity using eight factors of biblical discipleship, including evangelism. The questionnaire is available at tda.lifeway.com.