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Hearing God: What to Do When God Feels Far

Usually, there’s a logical reason why it happened. I can become impatient in how quickly I expect the response to come. Or it happens to me when I get lazy and stop thinking about the other person and what they may need from me. It’s normal to begin to slouch into a pattern of just thinking about myself. And if we do talk, it may be me just talking about my needs – never expecting a response.

Second, when I begin to lose the Lord’s voice, it’s often because I’ve stopped asking him questions.

It’s a habit I can easily fall out of.

Asking God questions shows that you trust him to answer – it demonstrates an expectation. Questions are the normal conversation-starter for two people.

I recommend that you come to your time with God with a Bible and a journal in hand. Write down the question you want to ask the Lord. And after you ask it, pause and actively listen. Then write down what you feel he may be saying. Check it against Scripture – God won’t contradict what’s written there.

And, if you’re stuck, let me offer a little help. Here are some questions that you may want to try asking God. You can look in the Bible and find examples where people ask these types of questions and see how God responds. When that happens in your life, it can be an incredible thing.

Questions for God

• What questions should I be asking you?

• Is there anything you want to tell me today?

• What do you want to tell me about my key relationships?

• Is there anything I need to do to be at peace with anyone?

• What are my blind spots?

• Is there anything that’s gotten between you and me?

• Is there anything in Scripture that you want to show me?

• How shall I invest the time I have today/this week/this year?

God bless you as you press into the most important relationship in your life. He loves you and is waiting for you. Whatever it costs you, it’s worth it.