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6 Essential Steps to Get It Done!

We Are All on a Journey

A journey to somewhere, nowhere, or the “wrong” where. The difference is if you know how the journey with God progresses, it’s tremendously helpful. I think the most dramatic example of this journey process was the life of Moses.

It all starts in a…


It could be any place at any time with any people or group. It’s just the “place” you are right now. For Moses, it was the desert—does that ring a bell—or on the mountain, just the opposite right? Nevertheless, right now, it’s just your place.


This is where the break comes! Everybody has a place, but not everyone gets called into the “presence.” You know, like the “burning bush.” Not all make it into the Kingdom, and not all those in the Kingdom are humble and yielded enough to have a great call from God.

But if you get a great call from God, one thing you can always count on for confirmation is…


When God calls you, He will call others to His cause to help you accomplish the call! God never intends us to be loners. So if you have a call, you must finish it and finish well, and that will always happen with other people.

And believe me, you’re gonna need to be and stay in His presence to deal with and lead people as well as to make sure you understand His…


When God calls and surrounds you with the right people (including a Judas or two!), He will begin to unfold and reveal His plan as you journey with Him. Just like Moses received part of God’s plan in the desert and some other parts on the mountain, so it is with us!

But just like Moses, when we begin to implement the plan with the people, we always run into a…


“Who made you boss over us? We don’t like this; we want to go back to Egypt (the old way)!” Blah, blah, and more blah! Some people are just chronic complainers! But out of the crowd, we will hear the lone voices of the Joshuas & the Calebs! Those mighty men who will stand with us to take the land!

We will need those mighty men and women of God if we are ever to receive the…


The finish line. The checkered flag! The “well done, good and faithful servant.”

Remember, most of us will have several “God” journeys in life. Where are you? What step are you in?  

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