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I’ll Go Anywhere, God … Except "There"

As a seminary student nearing graduation, I’ve been asked hundreds of times in recent years, what do you want to do with your degree?

And usually right after I get asked that, the follow-up question is, where do you want to serve?

It’s a bit of a weird question, because it assumes we have a choice in the matter. Like we get to choose our own calling or something. That would be nice.

I typically answer it by listing all the places I could never live.

Not the Midwest. Done that before. Too much humidity. My wife would hate the winters.

Not L.A. Too crowded. Too expensive. Too much sunshine (I sound like a true Oregonian there).

Not Salem. Too small. I grew up there. Lots of bad memories. Great place to call home, not where I want to go back to though.

Not Hawaii. Too expensive. Too isolated.

You might call me picky. I just call myself self-aware.

I know where God would regret sending me because I could never be happy. I would imagine you’ve created a similar list in your mind.

Everyone has their list of where they simply will not move, even pastors.

But what happens when God calls you to where you don’t want to go?

What happens when He is leading you to the one place you never wanted to live?

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Tyler Braun is a pastor at New Harvest Church in Salem, Oregon. He is the author of "Why Holiness Matters: We've Lost Our Way - But We Can Find it Again" (Moody).