3 Ways to Become a Crazy Leader

Want to have crazy impact in your leadership, your life, your family, your workplace? Here are 3 Ways To Become the Craziest Leader You Know:

Dream like crazy. So when did we start thinking “safe” living and thinking would result in the biggest impact? Do you think NASA team leaders prescribed “safe” and conservative thinking to land a rolling space craft on Mars? No. Do you think “safe” thinking allowed Amazon to completely dominate and revolutionize the retail sales industry and leave brick-and-mortar companies in its virtual dust? No. It took someone along the line dreaming like crazy. Crazy enough to think outside the box. Crazy enough to tackle some of the largest problems of our day with big, big dreams. Dream like crazy and sail high above all the limitations of the past and into a world held back by small thinking. Safe thinking will leave you safely buried in the muck and mire.

Love like a mad person. Dreaming big and thinking crazy is a great attribute for an influential leader, but thinking alone without another important ingredient will render our dreams cold and lifeless. Without loving those around us, truly loving them, we will simply not fulfill our responsibility and calling as a leader. Without loving like a mad person, those we lead can easily be left behind in the wake of our ambition and dreams. If dreams are the “materials” we build an organization or movement around, then love is the “glue” that holds that vision together. Loving like a mad person empowers us to pour into those we lead (and serve) and leave behind a legacy that will outlast our wildest dreams. Without this love, our dreams are but a clanging cymbal in a place that cannot appreciate the music we are trying to make.

Empower others to do the same. If you are dreaming like crazy on your own and not inviting others to leave their safe thinking behind, your dreams won’t make it past your living room. If you are loving like crazy and not empowering those you lead to do the same, your love won’t make it out of your team and into the lives of those you serve. To have the impact that changes culture, that changes the marketplace, that changes generations, you MUST empower others to dream like crazy and love like crazy as well! Multiply your efforts, bring others along and build a group of crazy dreamers and people lovers and watch and see what happens! Your legacy will outlast you and next thing you know, you’ll create more leaders to to run and live and do the same thing for generations to come.

Make the choice today to leave behind safe living and thinking and dream like crazy. Don’t let your agenda keep you from loving like crazy. And don’t forget to empower others to do the same!