1 x 1 > 1 + 1: How Simple Math Radicalizes Outreach

Most churches in the west today focus on addition not multiplication. Interesting when you think about it. God’s heart is multiplication, always has been. Here is a brief comparison between addition and multiplication:

Addition happens by looking through the lens of the church. Multiplication happens by looking through the lens of the Kingdom (church framework versus Kingdom framework).

Addition is about more seats, more parking spots, more programs, more facilities, etc. Multiplication is about releasing the body of Christ and mobilizing disciples (Ephesians 4).

Addition tends to be driven by models, programs, systems and funding. Multiplication is driven by disciples, leaders (five fold) and the Holy Spirit.

Addition is critical to growth and sustainability. Multiplication is critical to movement and transformation.

Addition doesn’t reproduce, it copies. Multiplication naturally reproduces (disciples, ministry, churches).

Addition begins with the church. Multiplication begins with the Kingdom.

Addition tends to focus more on evangelism. Multiplication tends to focus more on making, multiplying and mobilizing disciples. (The byproduct of a great discipleship strategy is great evangelism. Discipleship isn’t a byproduct of a great evangelism strategy.)

Addition tends to be led by the pastor/teacher. Multiplication tends to be lead by the apostolic/prophetic.

Addition is slow. Multiplication is quick.

Addition is controlled. Multiplication is organic. 

Addition doesn’t produce disciples well. Multiplication produces disciples and multiplies them.

Addition has a huge focus on assimilation. Multiplication has a huge focus on releasing disciples.  

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Chris Lagerlof
Chris is a strategic thinker, project specialist and experienced leader. His passion is to help leaders and churches move forward by maximizing their focus, clarity and performance. Chris worked for 17 years as a Pastor and Champion of several ministries at Mariners Church in Irvine, CA. Chris spent the last several years using his experience and expertise to consult churches and nonprofits. Chris recently launched Mission Orange County, which exists to mobilize and multiply churches in Orange County to collaborate within their cities to impact every man, woman and child with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Chris lives in Irvine with his wife Kristen and their two daughters Tessa and Mandy. Chris likes to golf, cook, snowboard and tailgate with his family and friends at UCLA football games.

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