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5 Steps to Pop Your Christian Bubble

As Christians, we all tend to live inside a carefully constructed bubble, surrounded by Christian radio stations, church activities and small groups. Jesus told us to “be in the world but not of it,” but often we aren’t “in the world” period.

Stepping out of the bubble can be downright intimidating, as we ask ourselves questions like, Will this be a bad influence on me? What do I have in common with nonbelievers? How can I really connect with the culture around me? 

Carlos Whittaker knows what it’s like … and how to jump right in.

1. Make sure you have one friend who uses the F word as a normal adjective.

“Hey man. That was one hard ‘effing’ workout.”

“You guys want to go to ‘effing’ lunch?”

“That was a great ‘effing’ episode of of The Voice.

I mean, I’m sure you have a friend that says FREAKING all the time.

It’s just the Christian version.

But I like to limit it to just one. Cause I can’t handle two. No really. I’m such a freaking cussing rookie.

See what I did there?

2. Have a group of people you regularly hang out with that don’t go to church.

A group is different than a person.

So for you, this may take work.

Join a soccer league.

Join a knitting club.

I don’t care. Just make sure you are hanging out regularly in a group where you are the minority when it comes to your beliefs.