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The 7 Most Influential Ways to Spend Your Money

As I’ve been considering the future after seminary as of late, I’ve been pondering where it is that I can have the most impact for the kingdom of God.

Here are seven areas that have long been stuck in my heart:

1. Families.

One of the reasons cults are growing quicker than Christianity is the prevalence of birth-control in evangelical circles, and the lack of discipleship in the home.

If every family reproduced themselves in the next generation, the church would grow by leaps and bounds simply through the medium of the family.

2. Secular universities.

I have a real passion for reaching college students: They’re visionaries, they’re eager to learn and they are primed for evangelism. Most Christian students on a secular campus will find themselves on the ripest mission field they’ll ever walk—and they have the time (read: single) and zeal to start a movement.

Non-Christian students from all over the globe flock to universities, desperate for community and perspective. Hello, church?

3. Urban neighborhoods.

Even secular sociologists admit that the church is the only institution that can effectively reach the urban neighborhood, given that we center not around socio-economic status or common interests, but common belief.

Thousands of nations are coming to an urban neighborhood near you—are you there as a gospel light?